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hr consulting services

HR Consulting Services

People One’s HR Consulting services are focused on creating simple , practical and cost-effective management frameworks to facilitate smooth and equitable people-related decision making. We serve a wide variety of industries in the region. Our team has extensive local experience and deploys a hands-on approach in addressing all people issues at both a strategic and operational level. Contact us today to discuss your people issues with our HR Consultants and learn more about how our HR Consulting services can help your business.

1. HR Diagnostics

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of HR policies, processes & systems. Whether you’re a start-up or a SME organization, we deploy a HR readiness toolkit that provides a baseline of where the gaps and opportunities are. We then follow a partner approach to build a HR roadmap for your organization.

2.Employee Lifecycle Management

Similar to customer journey mapping, employees go through similar journey as defined in stages across organisations i.e., Recruitment, On-Boarding, Retention, Development, Growth etc. The mapping of this journey will help identify key touchpoints to create positive impact in the employer-employee relationship. Designing and documenting your organization’s employee lifecycle will aid in the attraction, retention, and growth of talent while strengthening your employer brand.

We collaborate with you to map the employee journey from the time they apply to the time they leave the organisation. We ensure that you are viewed as an employer of choice who invests in employees’ well-being. We can specifically assist with:

– Employee Journey Mapping.
– Identifying critical touchpoints.
– Designing HR processes & procedures across the touchpoints.
– Create the employer brand in alignment with the employee journey.
– Streamline overall HR operations.

3. HR Policy & Process Design

Clear and well-defined HR Policies of any organization in the UAE forms the base of how they function every day.It also helps to demonstrate the company’s credibility, integrity, and transparency when it comes to employee welfare. Companies can ensure consistency in management at all levels by designing and defining HR policies.

As HR Policies and Procedures serve as a single point of reference for people operations, our team of highly experienced HR Consultants is equipped to partner and create these documents for your organization. We can assist you in strategizing and developing HR policies in the UAE that are consistent with your company culture and UAE labour law. We assist organisations in ensuring efficient employee operations by developing a clear and comprehensive set of policies and procedures.

4. Talent Management

Our consultants work with your organization to build a Talent management framework based on the organization requirements.
– Competency frameworks
– Leadership Assessments
– Hiring Manager certifications

5. Digital HR Transformation

– HR Technology Evaluation & Selection
– Project Management for Technology Implementation
– Self Service Design
– HR Process Automation/STP

6. Outplacement Services

This is a direct support service contracted by organisations to help former employees (of all functions and seniority) transition to new jobs. We collaborate closely with companies that have engaged us for this service to provide practical advice involving career counselling, career evaluation, job search skills, job market targeting, resume writing, and interview preparations. Outplacement services reflect well on a company as a caring and supportive institution, especially during the difficult economic decisions of employee layoffs.